Moral, Civic and National Education
Weekly flag-raising ceremony and speech under the national flag
The national flag raising ceremony is conducted weekly by students marching in Chinese style, with sharing under the national flag about Chinese history, Chinese contemporary developments and ten priority values devised by Education Bureau. The goal is to promote students' national identity and positive values.



Guided Reading Program and Chinese Cultural Heritage Week

Chinese Literature Scheme is jointly organized by Junior Form Chinese Language Department. Students are expected to develop traditional moral values through reading and reciting different Chinese articles and passages.

Assemblies related to the continuity of the traditional culture is an introduction to traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese architecture, food culture, clothing, etc., aiming at to promote Chinese traditional culture and teach students how to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Chinese culture and bestow praise on the Chinese’s characters and virtues.


Chinese Culture Day

Through a variety of activities like pitch-pot games, Kau Wa Rings, archery, Burr puzzle, wooden archery, shuttlecock, students could have hands-on experiences to try Chinese traditional games. Meanwhile, Culture Day covers introductions to 4 great Chinese inventions, ‘Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting’, clothing and daily snacks, which deepens their understanding of China so as to foster their patriotic sentiments and positive values.



「News Quizzes and Morning Reading Sessions

News Quiz is a bi-weekly quiz. Topics include international news, mainland news, local news, common sense, national education and Basic Law.

Morning Reading Session’s articles chosen are related to current affairs and moral education. Students could be able to discuss different issues based on their everyday life.