The Environment and Conservation Fund:Research findings sharing - Microplastic in Different Beaches Across Hong Kong


Our College has been funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund for a research project entitled "Through Research on Microplastics, Review and Educate the Importance of Plastic Reduction". This project was conducted after getting the experts’ advice from members of The State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP) at City University of Hong Kong, who provided invaluable professional advice and feedback.

Over the course of eight months, more than twenty Form 4 students have been actively engaged in this research project. They visited six different beaches across Hong Kong to collect samples, which were then analysed in the laboratory. During an assembly on 28 May 2024, these students shared their findings with peers and teachers. This presentation not only highlighted the connection between our daily activities and aspects of national security such as ecological and biological safety, but it also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of reducing plastic usage and conserving our environment.