Sports and Arts Activities
Sport Activities

For the purpose of establishing a healthy lifestyle and an interactive life, our school encourages students to participate in sports activities. There are various school teams and sports-related societies such as the Tennis Society, Football Team, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Swimming Team, Track and Field Team, Badminton Team, Table Tennis Team, Cycling Team, and Physical Fitness Society, together with the school gymnasium, to explore students' potential in sports.


Arts Activities

Taking part in school interest groups and learning activities, students actively participate in cultural and artistic activities. Through exhibitions, performances, visual arts, music competitions and so on, students can show their strengths and their self-confidence can be enhanced. In addition, our school implements the 'One Art in Life' scheme, each student needs to learn at least one musical instrument from Secondary One to Secondary Three so as to develop their lifelong interest in music. The school has an orchestra, Chinese orchestra, School Choir and Handbell Team, in which students can practise the music and instrument skills they have learnt.