Since the establishment of our school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we have organized and funded different types of activities to strengthen the communication between the school and parents, to enhance the parent-child relationship, so as to create a harmonious campus life.

Message from the Chairman

I am Chung Chi Man. I am honored to serve as the new chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association. I deeply appreciate the significant responsibility bestowed upon me. With the support of the school, teachers, and parents, I promise to do my utmost and uphold the spirit of collaborative effort that the PTA has embraced in the past. I am committed to promoting the concept of "home-school cooperation" with dedication and love.

In today's challenging environment, the school has consistently stood alongside students and parents, aiming for the holistic development of students. The achievements we have witnessed in both academic results and extracurricular competitions are truly inspiring.

The role of the PTA is like a "bridge" - a bridge for communication between home and school. Finally, I would like to express sincere gratitude to the past chairmen and members of the PTA for establishing a well-functioning association, which has allowed the smooth transition for the new committee. I believe that with our collective efforts, our Parent-Teacher Association will achieve even greater accomplishments and bring a brighter future for our children and families.

Mr. Chung Chi Man 
The 11th Parent Teacher Association

List of members

Advisor (Ex officio): Principal Lo Kwok Leung
Member list of the 11th Parent Teacher Association

Position Parent Members Teacher Members
Chairperson Mr. Chung Chi Man ----
Vice-chairperson Ms. Chan Wing Mei Ms. Lee Wai Ching
Treasurer Ms. Hueng Xiao Li Ms. Tang Lai Mei
Secretary Ms. Kong Ching Yee Mr. Chan Chi Leung
Ms. Chan Mei Wah
Recreation Ms. Yang Yang Ms. Cheng Yin Man
Mr. Chow Wai Leuk
General Affairs Ms. Li Li Ying  Ms. Wong Ka Yin
Committee Members Ms. Guo Li Li
Ms. Gung Kan Wa Alice
Ms. Liao Chao Mei May
Ms. Lau Kit Yee Kitty
Ms. Xu Zhiping
Tenure 01/04/2024 – 31/03/2026

1. The 11th Inauguration Ceremony cum Annual General Meeting of PTA
2. Parent-child activities
3. Presentation of Appointment Certificates
4. Presentation of Certificates of Appreciations
5. "Love Sends Warmth for Twenty Years of Love"
6. Gifts for the teaching staff
7. Sports Day
11. Po Leung Kuk 145th Anniversary Charity Walk

8. Form One Orientation Day
9. The chairman attended the Graduation Ceremony  of our school on behalf of the PTA
10. Parent Lunch Sampling Session