The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Secondary School Coral Nursery Programme
Secondary School Coral Nursery Programme

Over the years, our school has been participating in the "Secondary School Coral Nursery Programme" jointly organized by the School of Life Sciences (the Chinese University of Hong Kong), Coral Academy, and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The program offers a rich variety of activities, including workshops teaching students how to care for coral, as well as visits to Tung Ping Chau and Hoi Ha Wan to observe coral. To enhance the students' learning experience, the school has invested significant resources in the coral program. For example, we have advanced coral breeding and cultivation facilities, as well as a coral planting system, providing the corals with the necessary sunlight, water flow, and stable water quality for growth. Over the past two years, our students have successfully cultivated corals, which have been transported to Tolo Harbour, contributing to ecological conservation efforts in Hong Kong.


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department  conducted a video interview at our school for the "Secondary School Coral Nursery Programme". The interview was featured in a video titled "Into The Blue" and is being showcased at the Hoi Ha  Visitor Centre and online.

Here is a selected excerpt from "Into The Blue":


Our students have also participated in the filming of the large-scale TV documentary "The Natural Story of Hong Kong" produced by the Phoenix Television. The following is an excerpt from the Ocean Episode of "Hong Kong Nature Stories":