To enhance PoTongers’ English language proficiency for adapting themselves to different English speaking environments and maintaining their competitive edge for future career.



 With our structured curriculum and rewarding activities, we are devoted to 

  equipping PoTongers with good mastery of English, as well as global
perspectives and versatility, to overcome their challenges ahead;

  nurturing them to become well-rounded pillars;

  guiding them to establish virtues including Patience, Optimism,  
Truthfulness, Obedience, Non-judgment and Generosity (POTONG).

2018-2019 Activities    

English Ambassadors

CU After School

English Everywhere

English Speaking Zone

English Fortnight 

IPA Courses


Speech Festival

English Day Camp

Inter-class debate competitions

Inter-school competitions

Public Speaking



Panel members


Panel Head

Ie Chi Keung, Cyrus 

Junior Form Panel Head

Chan Mei Wah, Cathy

Panel Members 

Chan Wing Po, Rain 

Ho Ka Ki, Christine

Kwong Yuen Yuen, Natalie 

Lee Pui Ling, Amy

Leung Pui Yan, Elaine

Leung Yin Mei, Cindy

Poon Wai Yin, Beatrice

Wong Wing Man, Eunice

Yu Kwok Wai, Jason