To enhance the efficiency on learning and teaching through utilizing resources to create a favourable learning and teaching environment.

To co-ordinate the external activities of the school to facilitate the participation of students, parents and teachers in various community works and to promote a better understanding of the school sponsoring body.

To issue the school information regularly in order to help parents, students, alumni and the community have a better understanding of the school, with the aim of enhancing the school image.




To enhance school premises maintenance

To enhance the system of school fixed assets

To foster a safe school environment

To promote digital management of committee administrative work


Production of Student Handbooks

Po Leung Kuk Flag-selling Day

Opening Ceremony

Inspection of the potential hazards of school equipment

Secondary School Profile

Non-Academic Awards Ceremony

Po Leung Kuk Charity Village Casserole Feast (Poon Choi)

Po Leung Kuk Charity Walk

Stakeholder Questionnaires

 Joint Secondary Schools Speech Day 

The Thirteenth Graduation Ceremony

Closing Ceremony