Let students, teachers and parents familiar with positive attitude about Internet usages

Enhance the learning and teaching by means of different computer systems, IT equipment and campus TV.

Promote online learning by integrating Campus T.V. platform and other team and subject platforms.

Maintain good conditions of all I.T. equipment, systems and network of the school.

Promote effective use of e-learning system and promote live long learning.

Strengthen the training programs for I.T. prefects.    

Maintain and update other learning materials such as intra-school past paper database and subject e learning systems.



Promote the using of information technology in learning and teaching, included online real-time teaching, mobile learning equipment, BYOD scheme and different online assessment platforms. This can help to enhance learning and teaching. We will also provide different teacher training sections to enhance teaching efficiency..

Attach to the school year focus, promoting the use of electronic learning resources and self-evaluation platforms, in order to encourage students’ self-directed learning.

Attach to the school year focus, held proper use of Internet assembly with DM, GC, SAC and MCEC teams. Build up positive attitudes of proper use of Internet.

Promote the development of staff and student database system, allowing the data can be stored in a more secured and efficient way.

In line with STEAM development, introduce different IT in education equipment such as 3D printing, laser cut devices, hologram, aerial photography, robots and virtual reality.

Use information systems to handle data of teachers and students, extra-curricular activities, students’ data portfolio and document submission.

Use information systems, Microsoft Teams, eClass system and facilities to strength the communication between schools, teachers, parents and students.

Held workshops of information technology from the core members of IT prefects and campus TV reporters, so that students can use the latest IT technologies efficiently. We can also provide training for IT prefects and lead the team to join video shooting competition so that students can learn the skills and responsibilities in those activities.

Held IT prefect certification workshops, IT prefect visits and IT sharing      scheme, enhance their computer skills and sense of belonging in IT prefect team.


Activities of 2020-2021    










1. Campus T.V. reporting training

Teachers, students and parents

In large-scale school activities

2. Campus T.V. Morning Assembly

Teachers and students

Three times in every cycle

3. Teacher IT training

IT Prefect

Three times annually

4. Campus T.V. reporter training

Campus T.V. reporter

Five times annually

5. Information Technology Sharing Scheme

Teachers and students

Whole year

6. Tablet PC Borrowing Scheme


Two times annually 

7. IT equipment and inventory checking

- Two times (October, and February)

8. Update of subject examination past papers


Four times annually

9. Teacher IT training


September 2020

10.IT Prefect Inauguration and Proper    use of Internet assembly


To be confirmed

11.IT prefect certification training workshop


November 2020

12. Best I.T. prefect Voting(1st semester)

IT Prefect

December 2020

13. IT prefect visit

IT Prefect

To be confirmed

14. Best I.T. prefect Voting (2nd semester)

IT Prefect

May 2021

15. Talk of new IT technologies

Teachers and students

July 2021