To promote teachers’ professional development and peer learning culture;

 To enhance learning and teaching efficiency;

 To enhance appreciation, support, caring culture and team spirit among teachers;

To help teachers adapt to physical and psychological changes to develop their teaching professionalism.




















  To encourage teachers in perfecting the use of information technology with the integration of STEAM in lessons in order to enhance the classroom interaction and teaching effectiveness.

To encourage teachers to further develop different aspects of professionalism so as to play to their strengths;

  To promote professional conduct of teachers, enhance teaching effectiveness and promote the importance of setting a good role model for students;

  To cultivate a present teaching atmosphere and enhance teaching effectiveness through various of activities ranging from peer observation, school development policies to staff development day.

To implement school-based programs introduced by Education Bureau and provide latest information.

 To collect data reflecting learning and teaching efficiency in assisting teachers in conducting teaching activities.

  To conduct subject questionnaires and stakeholder questionnaires, review the results and monitor the process;

  To promote self-learning with an aim of enhancing teaching capacity and catering for learner’ differences.

  To assist various departments and committees to manage, evaluate and analyze statistics.










Activities of 2018-2019






1. New Teacher Orientation Day


2. Peer Observation

10/2018 12/2018
3/2019 – 5/2019

3. Staff Development Day

20/9/2018,26/1/2019 &

4. Tests’ and Exams’ Results Analysis

11/2018, 2/2019, 5/2019 & 7/2019

5. Subject Questionnaire

8/1/2019& 26/6/2019

6. Appreciation activities for teachers


7. Teachers’ Self-directed Learning Portfolio

Whole Year

8. Medium of Instruction Data Analysis

Whole Year

9. Sharing of Teaching Methodology

 Whole Year

10. Marking Manners Data Analysis

 Whole Year

11. Data Collection of Classroom Activities 

Whole Year

12. Distributing newspaper articles and readings related to Education

Whole Year

13. Diversity of Education News Whole Year
14. Organizing and circulating teachers’ training information Whole Year
15. Daily reminders Whole Year
16. Students’ attendance records Whole Year








Committee members





Staff Development Committee Mistress: 

Mr Sun Siu Wing


 Staff Development Committee Members:

Ms. Cheng Yin Man 

 Ms. Hung Ngai Sze

Mr. Poon Wai Yin


 Data Management Team Coordinator:

Mr. Chung Wing Hong, Patrick