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Aims of this group





Help students to achieve whole-person development and life-long learning.

Set up a supporting network and in close partnership with all staff, parents and students.

Help students to develop self-learning attitude and discover their potentials.

Help students to build up social thinking skills.

Provide comprehensive guidance services to students; 

Help students to develop healthy life-styles.









Objectives of this year


  1. 1. Enhancing life education through offering various learning activities to help students develop adaptability to tackle new life challenges.
  3. 2. Reinforcing students’ adversity quotient through enhancing life education.
  5. 3. Developing students’ positive values through enhancing students’ support measures through self-evaluation and collaborating with different committees
  7. 4. Fostering students’ awareness on the importance of family relationship
  9. 5. Enhancing students’ understanding on respecting others and skills on handling inter-personal relationship
  11. 6. Cultivating students’ information literacy through various activities with STEAM elements, developing ability and willingness to provide and communicate information ethically and responsibly






Activities of 2020-2021




Activity Date
Form one orientation

22 August



 October (Information Literacy Ethics)

April (Life Education)


Mid-November (Say No to Adversity)

December (Be a Smart Netizen)

Mid-March (Leading a Positive Life)

Day camp & over-night camp December, June
APASO February
Supporting F.6 graduates 14 July
Programme on supporting F.1 students Whole year
Students supporting networks Whole year
Monthly gatherings Whole year
Following students’ cases Whole year