Recognize their roles and respinsibilities as members in the family, the society the nation; show concern for thwir well-being; 


Understand their national identity and be committed to contributing to the nation and society

Develop a habit of reading independently

Engage in discussion actively and confidently in English and Chinese (including Putonghua)

Develop creative thinking and master independent learning skills (e.g. critical thinking, information technology, numeracy and self management);

To accomplish a breadth and foundation of knowledge in the eight Key Learning Areas; and

Lead a healthy lifestyle and develop an interest in and appreciation of aesthetic and physical activities.








Refine the strategy on student support

Refine the assessment strategy on learning and teaching

Promote STEAM education to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and teaching

Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and teaching in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination courses

Further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of ‘Revision & Assessments’ 

Further promote self-directed learning

 Refine junior form curriculum planning and consolidate the foundation of students failing to acquire the standard grade

Enhance reading atmosphere









Activities of 2018-2019


1.  Reading Scheme

September, February

2.  Survey on F6 students’ prospects on graduation

October, November

3.  Multiple Reading Scheme

October, March

4.  School Book Fair

November, April

5.  Best Student Award Scheme

November, May

6.  Visit Local Universities


7.  Subject Survey

January, June

8.  Briefing session on F4 curriculum, pre-enrollment and parents’ talk


9.  English Fortnight


10. Best Academic Performance Award Scheme

The end of semester

11. Appreciation of Good Books in Po Tong’  Sharing in morning assembly and sharing of news articles and Magazines

Whole year

12. Pleasant’ Reading Scheme Whole year
13. Students’ Book Purchase Scheme November

Committee members


Ms. Lau Lai Chun

Mr. Chan Chi Yan

Mr. Ie Chi Keung

Mr. Leung Wing Kei

Ms. Ng Ka Yan

Ms. Pang Wing Chi

Mr. So Yeung Chun

  Ms. Wong Wing Man